Soya Thai Green Curry

Serves 4


300g Soya Cutlets, drained and washed
2 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tbsp Thai green curry paste
1 red onion finely chopped
1 green chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
3 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
1 tbsp finely chopped ginger (about a 1-inch nub of ginger, peeled and chopped)
1-2 lemongrass stalks, tougher outer leaves discarded
125g green beans, trimmed and blanched
1/2 red pepper, deseeded and cut into thin strips
3 carrots, peeled and sliced diagonally
400g tin of coconut milk
6-8 kaffir lime leaves
1 tbsp lime juice coriander, small handful roughly chopped
2 spring onions, finely sliced
Red pepper flakes, to taste
Salt, to taste
Thai jasmine rice, to serve


Remove the cutlets from the sticks, wash and then wrap in paper towel to remove any excess water. Carefully cut each cutlet into 5/6 pieces and place in the soy sauce to marinate for up to 30 minutes.

Heat the oil in a wok on a medium heat. Cook the onion, chilli, ginger and garlic with a sprinkle of salt for about 5 minutes, stirring often. Add the Soya Cutlets and lemongrass and cook for 3 more minutes, stirring occasionally.

Reduce the heat to medium-low and add the Thai green curry paste and cook, stirring often, for 2 minutes. Pour in the coconut milk and add the kaffir lime leaves. Turn the heat up and bring gently to a boil. Add the green beans, red pepper and carrots and maintain a gentle simmer and cook until the vegetables are tender and cooked through, about 5-10 minutes.

Stir in the fresh lime juice and half the chopped coriander. Add red pepper flakes (optional), to taste.

Serve sprinkled with the remaining coriander and spring onions accompanied with fragrant Thai jasmine rice.

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